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Buildable is a robust low-code, microservice orchestration platform making it easy for engineering teams of all sizes and skill levels to build, test and deploy microservice-based infrastructure and backend logic. Their platform is the synapse between microservices (i.e., data stores) and APIs (i.e., external and internal logic), making it a breeze to connect and manage backend infrastructures at scale.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Daniel Spataro
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Moe Katib
CTO, Co-Founder
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I couldn't have more positive things to say about our experience working with the Ripple team. The biggest differentiator we noticed early between them and the other VCs we've dealt with was an immediate and genuine preference for transparency. They were, and always have been, straightforward and open people, which is a core value we treat very seriously at Buildable. In the extremely complex process of structuring a fundraise and selecting your long-term partners, honesty, like theirs, goes an incredibly long way. Both Moe and I are big fans of the Ripple Ventures team and are looking forward to continuing to define our category with their support.

Daniel Spataro
Daniel Spataro
CEO, Co-Founder
Our Story With

We first met Dan and Moe in late 2020 as they were working on launching their public facing platform. They were validating use cases with enterprises and scaleups at the time, and were not raising capital. Our team has been looking in this space for a while now given the amount of challenges we’ve heard from developers when building microservices. When we heard that Buildable was looking to democratize this to every developer, we got really excited. Throughout 2021, we stayed close to the team and started building momentum to see if we could find an investment opportunity that could work for all sides. After seeing some great use cases with these customers, as well as adoption from developers in their community early on, they decided to work with us on a fundraising round to scale the business.