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Synapse automates and streamlines the corporate training development process with one collaborative platform. Their platform guides internal training developers and subject matter experts through standardized workflows and best practices to design training content for their workplace. The Synapse software works with all Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market, and integrates with other enterprise applications (such as project management and workplace chat applications) in order to provide a seamless and collaborative experience. By automating and digitizing this process, companies routinely save 65% of time and costs versus traditional manual methods for developing their training modules.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Ryan Austin
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When Ripple Ventures and Synapse decided to work together they jumped right in and added value even before our round officially closed. Whenever we need something the team at Ripple Ventures is there to help and provide immediate value. They are the right partners for any early-stage company that is looking to execute and grow fast. As operators, their team has been there/done that, and if they don't know the answer they will quickly connect you with right people who do. I can't recommend them enough!

Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin
CEO, Founder
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Our team was first introduced to the founder of Synapse, Ryan Austin, through a warm introduction from one of our portfolio CEOs, Nick Chepesiuk, from OnCall. Ryan had heard great things about our team from Nick after working together at the DMZ accelerator last year and asked to be introduced to us. After meeting Ryan, we were extremely impressed with the sophistication and hustle he demonstrated in building his business. Ryan’s tenacity and determination to succeed at all costs was something we knew we had to invest in.

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