Backing pre-seed B2B software founders in North America.

Providing capital and collaboration to problem-obsessed founders.

Investing in customer-obsessed teams leveraging deep domain expertise to build n=1 products solving difficult problems in global markets.

Our Focus

Backing founders as early as idea-stage with their first institutional round of financing and deep operational support.
United States
Thesis Areas
Enterprise Software
Developer Tools
Climate Software
AI Infrastructure
Focus: Leading Rounds
Opportunistically: Following Rounds
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about what we look for and how we invest.
What gets you excited about potential investments?
  1. Product-focused teams that have the right mix of technical and growth chops to solve the biggest problems in the world.
  2. Obsessed user and customer base, driving growth and awareness organically for your product because they love it so much.
  3. Markets where the founders have some unfair advantage or opportunity to execute on a tailwind, customer base, or timing.
What is your investment process?

Week 1: Initial meetings with investment team. We move quickly to vet if it's a strong fit or not within days.

Week 2: Diligence, data room, and working sessions with founders to better understand the company, product, and customer base.

Week 3: Term sheet outlining the deal terms and what a post-round relationship will look like together.

Week 4-6: Finalizing legals, recruiting co-investors, and closing the round.

What are you looking for at each stage of investment?

Pre-seed: Working MVP, early users, pre-revenue, founders are working full-time.

Seed: Product in market, early customers/revenue (recurring or pilots), early set of power users.

Seed+/Series A: Existing revenue traction or material base of power users.

Do you only lead rounds?

No, but we prefer to given our fund strategy. We are looking to lead or co-lead the majority of our investments, and will follow into rounds that we have a high conviction and strong relationship with the founders & lead investors.

Why Founders
Work With Us

Let us be the coach in your corner.
Putting Founders First
We have been in your shoes before, and know how hard it is building companies. Our promise is to support you through thick and thin. Ask any of our founders about how we work with them (especially through the thick).
Strong Industry & Talent Network
Our strong network of leaders working across different industries will help propel your customer base. We have also built a robust talent pipeline through our fellowship program and company ecosystem.
Deep Co-Investor Network
We have built a strong co-investor network with some of the best funds in the world, helping you get to your next round of financing. Our Tank Talk podcast brings together world class investors, operators, and industry veterans to connect with.
Supporting Through The Entire Lifecycle
The fund invests across the entire early stage lifecycle, from ideation through our founder & fellow fund allocations, all the way to Series A. Our venture partners have taken companies to the later stages, and we have the network and resources to support you through the hardest stages of company building.

Join our community of extraordinary founders building market-shifting software tools.