Help us build the next pre-eminent
venture capital firm.

We’re looking for investors to help us continue building the best venture franchise and product in the market. We are the people that founders want in their corner as they build the next generation of world-changing companies.

Why Invest in Ripple Ventures?

Top Performing Fund
Top-performing Fund in the 2018 Vintage.
Our Proven Ability
Proven ability to win and lead deals in a competitive market with a small fund size. 80% of deals in Fund I and Fund II led.
Disciplined Investing
Focus on building ownership in first checks at favorable relative and absolute valuations to optimize returns for investors.
We Work Closely with Founders
Ability to add value to portfolio companies through our trusted advisor, investor, and talent network. Acting as the coach in the corner to optimize outcomes and reduce risk in investments.
We're building a platform
Built a platform (podcast, fellowship, partnerships) with a small fund. With more capital and resources, we can do even more.
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