Cybeats (Acq. by Scryb)

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Cybeats was acquired by Scryb in 2019.

Cybeats is a complete solution to protect enterprise and critical infrastructure IoT devices, through their complete lifecycle, from both previously known and completely new cybersecurity threats. The company provides continuous IoT device cyber protection solution including military-grade security, scalable architecture, powerful incident detection, incident management and platform analytics. The company’s strategy is through installing a micro-agent firmware at the manufacturer level to protect and monitor the device.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Cybeats (Acq. by Scryb)

Our team was first introduced to the founders of Cybeats through the same startup pitch event we met Pitstop at, the Fundica Roadshow.  After Cybeats came in first place at the pitch competition, we immediately reached out to the CEO and Co-Founder, Dmitry Raidman and asked him to come to meet the team. Given his team's extensive background in the highest cybersecurity standards both for cloud systems and embedded software, as well as being one of the pioneers in building end-to-end serverless solutions in 2015; we felt very comfortable with their ability to execute on their strategy.

Cybeats was acquired by Relay Medical in 2021.