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Marpipe is an automated creative testing platform that helps marketers and creatives see which ads are performing best and why. The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate thousands of ad variations to determine which are the most engaging to deliver the highest ROAS. Marpipe has built the first multivariate testing platform for digital ad creative. With their tool, you can generate hundreds of ad creatives using your brand's assets (within minutes), instantly deploy major creative tests to your ad network, and collect component-level insights on what elements of your creative drive performance up (and which elements bring performance down).

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New York, NY

Meet the Team

Dan Pantelo
CEO, Founder
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Our Story With

Marpipe was an investment tracked through our data engine, and we had initially chatted in late 2020 before the team had thought about fundraising. Through interactions on various email updates that the CEO sent, we built a relationship over time and had gotten insight that they were raising. As we weren't leading deals, we were very interested in fighting for a follow-on investor allocation and were successful after sharing our value-add after investing and our network in Canada from a talent and customer perspective that they could tap into.