OnCall Health (Acq. by Qualifacts)

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OnCall Health was acquired by Qualifacts in November 2022. See the press here: https://qualifacts.com/resource/news/qualifacts-announces-acquisition-of-oncall-health/

OnCall is a white-labeled end-2-end encrypted telemedicine platform for B2B healthcare providers to treat patients. Software is PHIPA (Personal Health Information Privacy Act) compliant, which requires a certain level of encryption and designed set of procedures for handling data by technology providers in healthcare applications. The enterprise SaaS platform is primarily used in mental health and eTherapy practices around Canada & US.

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Toronto, Ontario

Meet the Team

Nicholas Chepsiuk
CEO, Co-Founder
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The Ripple Ventures team brought a surge of energy to our company the day we started working with them. They helped bring Ryan Freeman (Head of Enterprise Partnerships @ DoorDash) on as one of our independent board members and have supported us through raising our pre-seed to Series A rounds. Ripple is fully aligned with our vision and provides us with value on a daily basis through an impressive network and breadth of expertise in scaling a company.

Nicholas Chepsiuk
Nicholas Chepsiuk
CEO, Founder
OnCall Health
Our Story With
OnCall Health (Acq. by Qualifacts)

Nick was one of the earliest employees at Turnstyle Solutions (the company that we wrote the first check into, and supported the team through acquisition to Yelp). In 2016, Nick took his startup experiences from TopHat & Turnstyle and started OnCall due to the problems and opportunities that he saw in the healthcare system in Canada given his family's background in the space. They originally started out as an SMB-focused business selling to mental health practices when we first led their pre-seed round. We had spent a lot of time with the team to understand their go-to-market strategy, and also diversify the business away from the SMB business to work with more mid-market and enterprise clients as well. After leading the seed round, we recruited Ryan Freeman who we also knew from Turnstyle as an independent board member, who currently works at DoorDash as the Head of Enterprise Partnerships. Once the business was able to show strong enterprise traction, we helped the team raise their Series A with Base10 Partners during 2020.