Rose Rocket

Fund II

Rose Rocket is a Trucking Management Software (TMS) focused on revolutionizing order management for SMB and enterprise trucking companies (carriers and brokers). They are building a modern, interconnected, and open TMS to replace legacy systems, such as TMW, the current behemoth in the industry. Instead of processing orders over phone/email, their platform allows users to automate manual tasks, create an audit trail, and provide real time information across the supply chain.

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Toronto, ON

Meet the Team

Justin Sky
CEO & Co-Founder
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Alexander Luksidadi
CTO, Co-Founder
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Justin Bailie
CSO, Co-Founder
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I have gotten to know Matt over the past few years as he was starting up Ripple Ventures and am truly impressed by his ability to work hard for his founders. I’ve had him in my corner even before this round and have seen Ripple’s value creation in companies like Voiceflow. Their fund fills a huge gap for companies like ours in the market; they are hands-on capital providers with founder-friendly round dynamics and a strong network to larger investors that we can access when the time is right. They have a proven network with top-tier investors in the US and help set-up their companies for success. Matt and Ripple Ventures are best in class. I recommend all young startups to talk to them. They are transparent, honest, and thoughtful. They don't operate like every other early-stage VC, cold and calculated. I know every investor claims they are value add, but I can honestly say, without a doubt, we are much further along as a business because of Ripple.”

Justin Sky
Justin Sky
CEO, Co-Founder
Rose Rocket
Our Story With
Rose Rocket

We've had a long-standing relationship with the founders of Rose Rocket long before we ever invested in the company as they were the ones that introduced us to Voiceflow back in 2018. After spending several years as an informal advisor to the Rose Rocket team providing strategic advice on fundraising, GTM and sales support, we were approached by the founders about a potential Seed+ investment at the start of the pandemic. Given our existing relationship, we were able to partner together on this round and earn a board seat with the company. We have been very close to the company ever since and have helped them find and close two subsequent financing rounds led by Addition and Shine Capital.