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Scalestack is a sales operations platform that leverages generative AI to prioritize actions, curate data, and enable sales teams to unlock new levels of sales productivity and pipeline generation. Traditional sales tools often focus on customer engagement and conversion, neglecting the critical aspects of lead prioritization and targeting. Sales teams are left to figure out how to rank leads, resulting in inefficiencies and wasted time. Scalestack addresses these challenges by bringing all go-to-market data together into a unified platform and leveraging their proprietary AI technology to generate ICP-prioritized lead lists, enrich internal and external data, curate daily to-do lists for sales representatives based on sales playbooks, and automate repetitive tasks in the early stages of the sales pipeline.

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New York, NY

Meet the Team

Elio Narciso
CEO, Co-founder
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Alessandro Prioni
CTO, Co-Founder
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