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Wisedocs automates the indexing and summarization of medical briefs. The platform can be used by Independent Medical Exam Vendors, MedLegal Law Firms, and/or Insurance companies to save time and money, which increases their margins per case. The platform uses an AI engine and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to index briefs and in minutes, and costs an average of ~$45 per brief, resulting in 70%+ reduction in cost for users. For an additional cost, the Wisedocs platform can also create summaries of each document within the medical brief, saving IMEs time when performing their medical assessments.

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Toronto, ON

Meet the Team

Connor Atchison
CEO, Founder
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Our Story With

We met Connor at Wisedocs through a referral from one of our VC partners who invest in later-stage companies, and have been working with them since the summer to prepare for their seed round. After doing a bunch of reference checks with potential customers in our network, we made the investment and started the partnership together. We were able to bring multiple customers to their product, help the company raise two rounds of financing, and now have solidified themselves as one of the leading providers for automating the analysis and understanding of medical documents.