Wisely (Acq. by Silent Partner Software)

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Wisely was acquired by Silent Partner Software in 2020.

Wisely has built a sales enablement solution for social enterprise fundraising teams that allows them to work more efficiently, and raise more money. The platform leverages and integrates with existing donor data either on-prem or in the cloud (Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge API). The end-result is a custom plan for the social enterprises to optimize workflow and funds raised. Today, the process in which these enterprises work with their CRM’s is very ineffective as there is information overload, decision paralysis, and lack of strategic donor prioritization. Analytics on donors and campaigns are generally conducted on a historical basis, once a quarter.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Wisely (Acq. by Silent Partner Software)

Our team was first introduced to the company through Andrew Lawrence, one of the co-founders of our portfolio companies Voiceflow. We then got to know the co-founders at a DMZ event shortly afterwards, learning about their industry and how ineffective processes are today for fundraisers. After digging deeper, we realized how large of a market opportunity this was to be able to layer a dashboard on top of the existing CRM’s to provide insights to the gift officers in real-time. It was a great experience working with the founding team during the due diligence process - and they are the people we’re really betting on at the end of the day. With strong domain and technical backgrounds of Artiom Komarov, Wes Moon, and Ryan Henry, we were confident in their ability to execute on this company’s vision.

In 2019, Wisely was acquired by Silent Partner Software.